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Trace graduated from the University of Florida in 1988 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration and quickly jumped into the insurance industry where he excelled.

He has worked for industry leaders like Florida Farm Bureau, Allstate Insurance and Paul Revere Insurance to name a few. His 25 years of experience in employee benefits consulting, risk strategy planning, property and liability insurance, and sales expertise propelled him to form Milam Insurance Strategies.  He observed that smaller companies were not being served as well as larger firms and chose to focus on that need.


Trace leads the operation with a desire to help companies and employees maximize their benefits and thoroughly understand the process of exploring all market opportunities with the client’s goals always top of mind. The initiative at Milam Insurance Strategies is to identify risks and to work with our clients to eliminate these risks by implementing customized solutions. We utilize our team, our strategic partners and our proven resources to achieve this goal.

​We look forward to connecting with you to help you and your team reach your goals.


Business Development / Broker

Lauri Lewallen joins her fiancé, Trace Milam, at Milam Insurance Strategies with a strong sales and business development background and also a huge heart to help people. Lauri received her license after realizing the need for people to better understand health insurance as well as long-term care. While caring for her own sick parents, it became apparent how important it is to have long-term care in place and have someone to help you navigate it. Lauri believes that health insurance should be tailored to each individual and one size does not fit all. Taking the confusion out of health insurance and helping businesses and individuals understand this is paramount.


Reach out to Lauri today at (904) 445-9712 and let her evaluate your current program over coffee or a cocktail.

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